Private Classes

There's a high demand for private classes at the momentContact us for more information on pricing and available time-slots.

Private Classes

Our private classes are one-on-one sessions designed to meet your needs. In essence you have a private coach, guiding you to reach YOUR goals in dancing!

You can choose to book a private class without a partner or as a couple. At your first session we will determine together with you what you need and want to work on. In a structured manner we aim to assist you in becoming a better leader or follower in Kizomba, Bachata or Salsa. We offer private classes in Dutch and English.

*One-on-one coaching

*On a day and time that suits your schedule

*You determine how many classes you want to take

*Learn at your own pace

Reasons to take Private Classes

* You want to reach a higher level faster


*You can't take weekly classes because of your schedule

*You want to learn extra moves / specific techniques in addition to your classes

*You missed a few classes and need to get up to speed fast in order to continue

*You are going on vacation to South America or the Caribbean

*You want your first wedding dance to be a Bachata, Salsa or Kizomba choreography

*You want to surprise someone for their Birthday, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day by following a private class together

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